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xRemote Series

Your Smart Home Ecosystem

Universal Remote Control

Revolutionizing the home theater. More than just a TV remote. Simply Smart.

Preset Theme Mode

Connecting your entire home: preset sequential functions. One click of the button, clicks it all. Simply Smart.

Long-Distance Control

From anywhere in the world using Wi-Fi, you can be in full CTRL. The xRemote knows when you are coming home. Warms up the house when its cold, turns on AC when its warm. Simply Smart.

Seamless Indoor Locating

Don’t waste anything. Inside your house, xRemote keeps tabs on everything going on. No more wasting energy with unneeded lights on. Simply Smart.

Away Detection

Detect when you leave home and when you come back. Open the heater automatically on your way back home. Switch off the power when you leave. Simply Smart.

Intelligent Notification

Forgot to turn a light off in the living room? No problem, xRemote will notify you and take care of it for you. Simply Smart.

Intelligent Learning

Do you do things a certain way? xRemote will pick up on your tendencies and provide recommendations to add to your schedule such as turning on the lights everyday at 7 AM to wake you up. Simply Smart.

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