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  • Experience the new generation smart home system

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  • Integrate everything to your phone

    You no longer have to look for the specific controller or specific apps to operate certain appliances. You can now control all appliances and smart systems from just ONE remote controller: your smartphone.
  • Know where you are in house

    Smart indoor locating algorithms extend your imagation
  • It is more than an intelligent housekeeper

    Preset theme modes greatly simply your control
  • Control your home from anywhere

    You can use your smartphone to control your home appliances even when you are thousands miles away from home anytime you have access to the internet.
  • Learn your habits and take care of it

    The xRemote will tune your home automatically and notify you when you forget to turn something off.

Simple Yet Powerful

We believe that the future of smart home should focus on people not their mobile phone.
The xRemote connects all devices together and provides a simple and smart interface for you.
Universal Remote Control

You no longer have to look for the specific controller or apps to operate your appliances.

Full Signal Coverage

Simply put the xRemote on your coffee table and it will cover all appliances.

Long Distance Control

You can use your smartphone to control your home appliances from anywhere in the world.

Preset Control

By just clicking a button, the xRemote will execure a series of preset command automatically.

Indoor Location

The xRemote can detect where you are in the house, and let lights follow you.

Geo-fence Automation

The system will switch between Home Mode and Away Mode based on your distance from home.

Simple to Use

It shouldn’t be any more difficult than setting up a wireless router.

Customizable Product Lines

Don’t have a need for all the features of the xRemote? We got you covered!

Supported Devices

ALL Appliances that Have a Remote •

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Thermostats •


Wall-Plug Lamp Dimmers •


Wall-Plug Switched Power Outlets •


Wearable Devices •


• In-Wall Light Switches


• Lights


• Wireless Speakers


• BLE Tags


• Locks


How It Works

We spent months and years developing key technologies for the smart home and now we bring them to you with our xRemote series.
Let's dig deeper and see what we did to realize these features that might change your life.

One App Controls Everything

The xRemote integrates Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Smart, Infrared, and RF modules. The device is designed to access all brands of infrared and RF controlled appliances through learning mechanism or cloud database. The app provides an high level interface that transfers multiple protocols so you will never worry about buying smart devices with different languages.

Let Lights Move With You

We have developed cutting-edge algorithms that combine the data from human sensors in the xRemote Switch with our indoor locating system. With your phone in the pocket or with wearable devices on you, the system will detect your presence when you are about to enter a room and automatically turn on the lights. Yes, we know it’s magic.

Full House Signal Coverage

We use 433MHz RF protocol to connect with room specific devices such as xRemote Mini and Switch, which will centralize the control to the Gateway. The RF protocol used has extremely long signal range and strong penetrability and diffraction compared to other protocols for smart home. It will provide full house coverage no matter how many walls are between.

Save Your Time60%
Save The Energy40%
Better than Similar Systems80%

We Love Design

We know the success of a product is not only about how it works, but also how it looks.
We have spent a lot of time designing a simple and intuitive product.


The finalized design was chosen from a selection of more than 10 initial drafts. The X-shape is symbolic of the infinite controls it will give you.


We selected a design that you will truly enjoy and be happy placing in your living room or bedroom with its sleek build.


The cubic design is compact with dimensions of 10 x 10 x 4 cm. You will certainly feel satisfied with placing it on top of your coffee table.


The special material we used along with the cambered surface design reduce diffuse reflection and increase the signal penetrability.

Creat Your Own Smart Home

The Gateway is our all-encompassing product. It gives you CTRL of your home from anywhere in the world.
The Mini is a smaller device for purposes of just controlling IR devices within one room, and it looks just like the Gateway.
The Switch will serve as a smart light switch, enabling the indoor location based features.

Apartment/Small Home

Kickstarter Special
  • 1 xRemote Gateway
  • 2 xRemote Switch
  • Free iOS/Android App
  • No Monthly Fee

Medium Home

Kickstarter Special
  • 1 xRemote Gateway
  • 1 xRemote Mini
  • 4 xRemote Switch
  • Free iOS/Android App
  • No Monthly Fee

Large Home

Kickstarter Special
  • 1 xRemote Gateway
  • 2 xRemote Mini
  • 6 xRemote Switch
  • Free iOS/Android App
  • No Monthly Fee

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